Surrey, British Columbia, Canada Pastor and Wife Charged with 28 Accounts of Sexual Assault

Scott Douglas Jacobsen
4 min readJun 9, 2018

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

According to the Vancouver Sun, one couple, a pastor and a wife, of a Surrey, British Columbia, Canada church are face about 2 dozen charges related to sexual assault.

In May, the couple were arrested. However, the charges were only filed recently to cover the period from 2015 to 2017. The couple were released from the Surrey RCMP after arrest, but under “strict conditions” based on the reportage.

The media release states that Samuel Emerson, aged 34, from the Cloverdale Christian Fellowship Church was charged with 13 counts of sexual assault. He is the pastor of said church.

“11 counts of being in a position of authority and touching a person for a sexual purpose and one count of sexual touching of a person under the age of 16,” according to the Vancouver Sun.

Mr. Emerson’s wife, Madelaine Emerson, aged 37, was charged with one count of sexual assault, another of having been in an authority position and touching someone for a sexual purpose, as well as another for threats to cause death or bodily harm.

The Emersons have five children together. They were involved in the youth ministry for children. This was not known to the police before.

The article stated, “As of Thursday afternoon, Randy and Christine Emerson were listed as senior pastors on the church’s website and there was no mention of Samuel, but his social media accounts still list him as a pastor at the church. Samuel is Randy and Christine’s son.”

Samuel is no longer an employee of the church. In addition, there has been a drastic decline in the membership of the church since May of 2018. Mr. and Mrs. Emerson were arrested on May 18.

Randy Emerson said, “If you know us and our church please pray. We are under attack like never before and we need the accuser of the saints to be silenced and Truth prevail.”

Two days later, Randy Emerson stated:

Thank you to everyone who is praying for us and expressing love at this time. You are making a difference. This is a time when we must not believe with our eyes and ears but with our spirits. Let God be true and every man a liar. Can’t be specific at this time but your prayers are making a difference. Thanks and much love, Randy.



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