Support your local humanist groups!

Scott Douglas Jacobsen
2 min readFeb 23, 2024

Freethought groups are known to function on limited budgets. Typically, or in the vast majority of cases, they do not receive any financial support. They lack the infrastructure for self-sustaining seen in many religious institutions.

So, what is the reason for this apparent paradox? The paradox of limited funds and functional organizations in spite of a dearth of funding. Part of the reason is the provision of any kind of community is seen as valuable to the freethought wanderers in societies.

Many people in societies, including theocracies, do not adhere to the dominant religious tone, tenor, or theology. They disagree with its tone of delivery. They do not see rationale in its tenor of application. They outright reject the formal theological positions.

Freethought organizations are simply and solely important for the provision of a community for those who do not have another. People are willing to provide finances and support to religious organizations because of the constant demand.

Freethought organizations function on a band of devoted volunteers and continual, and increasing, demand for community. It happens in all sorts of ways, whether Satanist activism, humanist human rights defending, atheist and agnostic public speaking, Sunday Assembly community building, and so on.

All relevant for the development of a common sensibility among those freethought people who want community, even need it. So if you are a freethinker in want of a community, then I would recommend looking for individuals to plug into community and then financially supporting them.

But as with any of this work, your efforts, in general, are best done locally.



Scott Douglas Jacobsen

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