How to Think Like a Genius 38-Wrong

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How to Think Like a Genius 38-Wrong

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen and Rick Rosner

March 22, 2018

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Scott Douglas Jacobsen: There’s also aspects of geniuses going wrong. In that, each person that is going to be persistent into one thing, perseverant, will have a certain premise or piece of code, whatever analogy you like, to guide their behavior and if they have the wrong premise or line of code in terms of their thought processes, they will come to wrong conclusions, even though they will have definite indications of high levels of analytic ability and creativity with respect to their chosen endeavour.

Rick Rosner: That reminds me of everybody that worked on the cosmic aether for who knows how many years. It was this stuff that supposed to fill empty space, which relativity did away with, and so if that was your chosen field then you were screwed. And in a way, everybody, the half dozen geniuses that people know, are screwed. In that, out of 106 billion people who have ever lived, when you say genius, most people will say Einstein, then Hawking, then few people will say.

You might get Darwin. You might get Newton. You might get Marie Curie because she was a representative of women in science, but very few people. Good luck with people or most people knowing exactly what they did. Newton might be their best bet, and then Darwin. If you’re looking for really immortal immortality, that’s just not a thing that you’re going to reasonably expect to get because everybody is washed away by the tide of time.

Frickin’ in literature Shakespeare, Fitzgerald, just people who come immediately to mind. And then Stephen King because he is going to be more in people’s heads than somebody from a couple hundred years ago. So, lasting, lasting immortality is — that’s like being the Michael Jordan of thinking. There’s room for just one or two of those guys in just a few fields. But you can look at it being a claimed as a genius during your lifetime.

And we should talk about, I don’t know if we talked about it, ways to appear to be a genius, even though you’re not, or even if you have no intention to try and be an actual genius. There are probably ways to -if you just want to be a genius to hook up with people, we should look at the ways of doing that.

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Rick Rosner

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Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

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