How to Think Like a Genius 16-Abusers

Scott Douglas Jacobsen
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How to Think Like a Genius 16-Abusers

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen and Rick Rosner

September 22, 2017

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Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What other abusers are there?

Rick Rosner: In America, there’s a lot. I’ll go through some of them. In America, the supposed feeble minded people were given hysterectomies or otherwise sterilized without their consent. Not a lot, but at least a hundred, and it happened in America. Also, in America, because of quotas, immigration quotas, that were based on IQ and perhaps some eugenic thinking, immigration quotes for people from Southern Europe were set real low in 1930 because people in Northern Europe were thought of by prejudiced people backed up by pseudoscientific research. Northern European people were thought of as superior, and because of this Jews were sent back to Hitler. A boatload of Jews got out of Germany at the last minute, maybe 38', right before the gates came crashing down and made it to America, but there wasn’t room for the Jews.

These Jews in America because of immigration quotas were determined by bullshittey IQ tests and this shipload of Jews was sent back to Hitler, where almost everybody got slaughtered eventually. So, those are a couple terrible things. Beside s specific instances, you have this genetic reasoning that buttresses racism. That we still have all sorts of creeps and idiots arguing that certain races, we know which ones, might be genetically inferior or are genetically inferior, and, therefore, treat them badly in various ways.

Statistics and IQ grew up at the same time. They are both riddled with racism. That Pearson’s r coefficient Pearson was not the least racist guy in the world. There were a lot of people that tried to used statistical tools that some races were superior to others. It was a garbage exercise. In my opinion, you get a lot of — in my opinion, stress induces mental flexibility. The appropriate stress divergent thought in people and in animals, which means that the genetically super fit who are so at home in their environment are more likely than the nervous nerd to be forced to think originally, which means that the entire eugenic program or any other program that tries to establish genetic superiority for one group over another is bullshit.

That it’s part of the friction of life that generates or the friction and variety of cultural life that helps to generate original thought, and eugenics is a forced, a misguided force, against variety, particularly now. More than at any other time in history, except future history when we’ll have more resources. We have fantastic resources to supplement our so-called inborn intelligence and knowledge.

There’s always been an argument about whether nature of nurture is more important. In testing intelligence, it is an irresolvable argument. You need the interaction of both, and sometimes in paradoxical ways. Now, with the devices in our hands that contain the information and much of the wisdom that we’ve ever developed, we can be as skilled as we need to be.

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Rick Rosner

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